Guia Volo para Dhedluk (em pdf)

Dhedluk (dead-LUKE)

This town of 100 buildings in the heart of the King’s Forest is surrounded by a wooden stockade with a single gate. The town’s leading citizen is Thiombur (NG hm F8), a retired adventurer who runs an inn called the Blushing Maiden. Thiombur knows everyone in Dhedluk, making the Blushing Maiden a valuable place to go.

However, Thiombur charges for the benefit of his connections according to their knowledge and experience (in game terms, 200 gp per level of the individual he is helping or referring, whichever is higher). Also, he will not aid in any threat against the crown and will in fact report anyone who exhibits such intent to the militia.

The Blushing Maiden is even visited by nobles and court representatives, and in fact Thiombur is lord of the town. Thiombur offers his knowledge to anyone but saves his best secrets for Vangerdahast, a trusted friend and informant.

Assisting Thiombur as herald and also at the Blushing Maiden is Ildul Stonegiant (LN hf Fl ).


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