BAIXE o mapa de Waymoot (em pdf)
Guia Volo para Waymoot (em pdf)


Population: 1,000
Armed Force: militia only
Major Temples: Lliira, Tymora
Local Nobles: Morler
Local Merchants: Jerlak, Marker
Lord: Filfar Woodbrand
Herald: Dhag Greybeard

The largest town within the King’s Forest, Waymoot sits in the center of a five-mile-wide, manmade clearing. The town’s most notable feature is the walled keep in the center of town that is home to a lord of unusual strength (18/94). Filfar Woodbrand (LG hm F10) made his reputation in his youth when he repelled a troll attack on the town largely on his own. Dhag Greybeard serves as herald for Waymoot as well as High Horn, aided in the former by a herald-in-training, Alatha Korduis (LN hf B6).

Waymoot’s economy is driven by traders who come for the town’s horses and wagons. Horses are bred and trained here, with many bound for Cormyr’s army. For entertainment, the Silver Wink is Waymoot ’s most popular inn. Others include the Cup and the Spoon, the Old Man, and the Moon & Stars. The Silver Wink inn is popular mostly because that’s the inn Lord Woodbrand frequents.

There is always a crowd eager to see exhibitions of the lord’s fantastic strength. There are only two temples in town, one to Tymora and another to Lliira. The Sheltering Hand is Tymora’s temple, managed by Gothric of Tymora (CC hm P7) and three supporting priests. The Sounds of Joy serves Lliira, and Hezarai Moonbolt (NG h-ef P8) is its leader. The
Sounds of Joy used to be devoted to Waukeen, as did its priestess. However, after a fevered dream that Moonbolt is highly reluctant to discuss, she decided to reorient her pursuits toward Lliira.

Despite the taming of the surrounding areas of the King’s Forest and the general peace in Waymoot in recent years, the town retains a bit of its rough edges from its chaotic past. At one time Waymoot was notorious for its large and active thieves’ guilds as well as numerous others of dark intent. This reign of evil ended with the destruction of the god Bhaal. Rumors of undiscovered treasures in the vicinity persist to this day.


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