The Power: Waukeen was a young goddess of trade, money, and wealth who appealed to the rising merchant class in the Realms. She was a true neutral intermediate power. Her symbol was the gold coin, and her clergy were among the most lavishly dressed, rivaling those of Sune, Milil, and Lathander in their rich robes.

Waukeen died during the Time of Troubles. There is no record of how she perished or if she perished. However, her priests no longer received their spells, and the congregations her blessing. No other deity stepped into the void to answer the supplicants immediately, and pandemonium reigned among her clergy.

Finally, three years ago, a prophet of Lliira appeared with a revelation — Waukeen was dead and banished from the Realms and would not return. The prophet appeared at the gates of each of the temples of Waukeen in the Realms on a series of days, transported by magic or the will of the gods. At each stop, the prophet said that Lliira would hold the portfolio of Waukeen in trust as its regent and grant spells to the worthy. The temples, already battered by a loss of respect and worshippers, readily agreed, and the faith of Waukeen was smoothly folded into the worship of Lliira. Lliira gained extensive power in the move.


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