Rotten Luck

Before the Dawn Cataclysm, there was but one goddess of luck, Tyche. Ever flirting with fortune and disaster, Lady Luck bestowed and withdrew her favor at a whim. After eons of toying with powers, Tyche found herself embroiled, along with the rest of her circle of deities, in a war between the gods resulting from the actions of a current paramour, Lathander. Always fickle with her favors, Tyche kissed the Morninglord with misfortune and wandered off to explore the Realms.

During her travels, Lady Luck discovered a budding rose of unequaled beauty. Delighted with this fortuitous happenstance, Tyche reached to pluck this delightful token, which she assumed was a peace overture from Lathander, who sought to regain her good graces. Much to her amazement, Lady Luck could not pluck the rose from its bush no matter how hard she tried. Frustrated, she cursed the rose with bad luck, and the flower’s stem broke in her hands. Carelessly, Tyche stuck the plucked rose behind her ear and continued on her way.

Unbeknownst to Tyche, the rose was a manifestation of Moander, god of corruption and decay. The severed rose stem crept into Tyche’s ear and subtly began to rot her from the inside out. Lady Luck now suffered from misfortune, and it sprang from her own careless hand.

When Tyche returned home, she came across her dear friend, the goddess Selune, waiting to speak with her. Also waiting for her were Lathander, who wished to regain her affections, and Azuth, who had come to mediate the dispute between the two. Selune wept great tears as she saw the corruption destroying her friend from within, and before Tyche could even intuit her intent, Selune lashed out with a bolt of purifying light. Tyche’s rotted core split right down the middle and a smaller, brighter version of the goddess of luck stepped out, allowing the goddess of the moon to save that which was good and pure in her friend. However, following this first figure from the rotten external shell was another form stunning to behold, but full of dark malice and capricious ill will. As the two emerged, they immediately fell upon each other in hate, struggling madly, and were only separated by the combined efforts of all three visitors.

It is said that Tymora, Tyche’s Fair-Haired Daughter, embodies all the grace and kindness of her mother, while Beshaba, Tyche’s Unpleasant Daughter, got only her looks. Since their birth, the twin aspects of Tyche – Tymora, Lady Luck, and Beshaba, Maid of Misfortune – have battled each other in a civil war that continues to this day.


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