Cormyr (Core-MEER) is one of the handful of proper nations in the North. Cormyr straddles the land in the northeast region of the Sea of Fallen Stars between the Lake
of Dragons and Anauroch. It was at one time a heavily wooded region, but is now a land of small forests and organized farms. The surviving woods are as thick and dangerous
as Cormanthor, but these areas are now outnumbered by terrain cleared for use by the cities and landed lords of Cormyr.

Cormyr is also called the Forest Country and the Land of the Purple Dragon. It is a rich kingdom; its southern, eastern, and northwestern areas have many farms, offering abundant yield for trade. The central areas of the kingdom are still wooded; these woods, carefully husbanded by the forces of the king, still yield good timber and have plentiful game.

Cormyr is also strategically located on overland trade routes from the cities of the Moonsea to the northeast; the Dalelands to the east; the Inner Sea (on which it has two major ports, Suzail and Marsember); and the lands to the west, northwest, and south—particularly the rich city-states and kingdoms of the Sword Coast.

Cormyr is a wet land, receiving abundant rain in summer and spring and abundant snow in winter. It has long, cold winters, and short but hot summers. Much of spring and fall is temperate and moist, and as a result, Cormyr’s farms and forests are both green and rich in yield and splendor. Fog is common along the seacoast, and there are often mists present on the High Moors, extending in to the pass at High Horn and the gorge north of Eveningstar.


Cormyr is a hereditary monarchy. The present king is Azoun IV, a regal, middle-aged man (in his fifties) of sophisticated tastes and keen wits, son of the famed warrior-king Rhigaerd II. Azoun has ruled from his hilltop palace in Suzail and the Royal Court of interconnected public buildings below it since 1336 DR.

However, he is rumored to travel the land in disguise to learn more about his people. Azoun has proved himself a surefooted and careful monarch and military leader. He not only organized the crusade against the Tuigans in 1360 DR, but killed the leader of the enemy horde in single combat. The king takes council from the Royal Magician, Vangerdahast, a wizard of great power and Azoun’s mentor, teacher, and friend. Much of what Azoun knows of the world has been shown him by Vangerdahast, who today is known as Azoun’s “pet wizard” and considered the power behind the throne.

Vangerdahast is the most powerful wizard in Cormyr, and his loyalty is totally to the crown. The king taxes lightly and makes the law by his decrees in the Court of the Crown. In addition to the tithe collected by the local lords, discussed below, there is a royal tax of 1 gp per head annually—5 gp for wealthy landowners.

Azoun’s banner is the Purple Dragon (a purple dragon on a white field); it is borne often by a strong standing army under the command of the Lord High Marshal of the Kingdom, Duke Bhereu. For major endeavors, the king himself leads the way, following in the footsteps of his father Rhigaerd.


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