icone savras

Foresight Forsaken

The Lady of Mysteries has long been an enigmatic figure worshiped throughout the Realms. To those who revere magic, there is none so beautiful as the Lady of Spells. In the wake of Mystral’s death and rebirth as Mystra, two rival spell-hurlers sought the favor (and some say even the hand) of the Mother of All Magic.

The younger of the two wizards was the brash and powerful Azuth, who delighted in the power and unbounded beauty of magic, while the older of the pair was the deliberate and introspective Savras the All-Seeing, who wasted nary a single spell and saw beauty in magic’s precise application. For years the duo fought with neither wizard gaining the upper hand, but both steadily gaining in power. While Savras’s careful preparation was initially enough to put Azuth on the defensive, the Lord of Spells battled back over time, demonstrating his superior mastery of the Weave. Azuth finally shattered his rival’s defenses in a climactic battle that split a mountain and created a deep lake. He imprisoned Savras’s essence within a magical artifact of his construction that came to be known as the Scepter of Savras. With this act he became the High One and the first Magister of Mystra, later to be sponsored by her to become a god.

Ever since Savras’s loss, sages have speculated that the All-Seeing One must have foreseen his own defeat. If this is true, perhaps Savras planned his own defeat as a feint in a long-term ploy for victory. Only he can say, and he refuses to speak on it.

Savras the ALL-Seeing

Savras was a god of the South who was once as powerful as Azuth and shared much of the same portfolio: mages in the service of Mystra, goddess of magic. The two contended,according to legend, and Savras fell.

Azuth became the one god of wizards. Today, Savras is worshipped quietly in both North and South as a god of diviners and truth-speakers. He is portrayed as a man with a crystalline face, clear to all who see him. His statements are clear, concise, and rarely what the listener wishes to hear.

Savras’s only famous servant was Alaundo of Candlekeep, the one true prophet of the Realms. There is a small shrine to Savras there, the only known shrine in the North to this forgotten god.


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