Our Lady of Joy is the goddess of contentment, release, joy, happiness, dance. and freedom, and is the patroness of festivals. Her appearance is ever-changing, ever-moving, everalive.

She is of chaotic good alignment and makes her home in the outer plane of Arvandor. Lliira serves Oghma alongside Deneir, and is also an ally of Milil. Lliira’s symbol is three stars: one of orange, one yellow, and one red.

The Ethos

Lliira’s followers are believers in the ability, potential, and talent of the individual, and the celebration of life and its diversity.

Often this leads to hedonism that would make a Sunite blush (briefly). With the absorption of the church of Waukeen (see the Dead Powers section), Lliira’s church has become wealthier, but taken on a more responsible air, as it attracts more of the merchant class.


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