Also known as Lady Luck, less frequently as Tyche’s fair-tressed daughter, and rarer still as Beshaba’s sister, Tymora is the goddess of good fortune, skill, and victory. She is the patron of adventurers in general.

Tymora traditionally appears as a shorthaired, boyish woman with crafty looks. However, her appearance during the Time of Troubles was of a more regal, noble figure. Which incarnation is closer to the truth is a matter for debate, and likely both are equally false. She is fickle in her nature, and chaotic good in her alignment. She dwells in Arvandor.

The Ethos

The battle cry of the followers of Tymora is, put simply, Fortune favors the bold. A brave heart and willingness to take risks will beat a carefully wrought plan nine times out of ten. One must place oneself in the hands of fate (meaning in the hands of Tymora) and trust to one’s own luck.


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