Mystryl, The Lady of Mysteries, the Muse, the Mother of All Magic, Our Lady of Spells, the Hidden One

Mystryl (MISS-trihl) was the goddess of magic, spells, creativity, invention, and knowledge. She was said to have taught the first spellcaster of the Realms. All spells of all types were known to her when their creators constructed them, and her bountiful creative spirit was said to imbue all inventors, authors, songwriters, and artists. She was most venerated by wizards and those who used magic or magical items in their daily use. She was the goddess of the essential force that made all spellcasting possible. She provided and tended the Weave, the conduit that enabled mortal spellcasters and magical crafters to safely access the raw force that is magic.

Mystryl was depicted as a beautiful human female with rainbow-colored hair, radiant skin, and burning blue eyes. She wore simple, but elegant, blue-white robes of the finest heavy silk. At other times she was depicted as a vaguely female humanoid form composed entirely of prismatic-hued will-o’-wisps. She had ultimate control over all magic and could shape it to her
will, casting as many spells or types of spells as she wished whenever she desired at whatever level of power or in whatever shape she chose. She couldn’t be affected by less than the
most powerful magics—which reached beyond the Weave to attempt to draw upon her very nature, the stuff of magic itself—unless she desired to be. She could withdraw a being’s access to the Weave and prevent it from using spells of any sort, and in an even harsher restriction she could also prevent a being from using any sort of magic whatsoever if she so decreed. These conditions persisted until she removed them. Mystryl could even deny deities access to the Weave, but she couldn’t deny other gods the ability to grant their worshipers spells through prayer.

Mystryl was flirtatious and profound, flighty and persistent,light-hearted and deadly serious. Her moods and state-of-mind varied from moment to moment, but she generally tried to do what she thought was right. She seemed too trusting and innocent at times, and tended to overreact when she felt she had been tricked. She distrusted but didn’t hate Shar, who had sought to seize control over her for centuries, and she also rebelled occasionally against the good-intentioned suggestions of Selune, who she regarded as smotheringly maternal at times.

Kozah and Moander, who seemed always intent on ruining that which she created or inspired, were her mortal enemies.


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